What impression your face makes on others?

Face is the reflection of our personality and people in media take extreme care of their looks and face because it is the first thing to notice.

Do you know what impression your face makes when you meet a new person? or when someone watches your picture what impression she/he takes?

Usually we get the comments or praise from the family, friends and community people living around us about our face. What about having some fun and getting the comments from many people around the net about your face?

Speaking faces provides an interesting opportunity for all internet users to submit their picture for free, create an account and get the comments from other users of this site.

It is really interesting to know what impression you make because they say “First Impression Counts”

Site link: Speaking faces

Note: You can win iPods (5 in number) from the site.
Details are:

All you need to do to win one of five iPods:

Add your picture to SpeakingFaces.com
Receive the highest number of opinions on the first impression you make until January 31st, 2010

– First prize, an iPod nano 16GB Silver, will go to the person who receives the highest number of votes.
– Second prize, an iPod shuffle 4GB Black, will go to the person who receives the second highest number of votes
– Third prize, an iPod shuffle 2GB Blue, will go to the person who receives the third highest number of votes
– Fourth prize, an iPod shuffle 2GB Green, will go to the person who will receives fourth highest number of votes
– Fifth prize, an iPod shuffle 2GB Pink, will go to the person who will receives the fifth highest number of votes

By signing up and activating your account you will automatically be entered into competition to win an iPod!
Promotion commences 1:00AM GMT on October 11, 2009.
Entries close 5:00PM GMT on January 31, 2010.

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