What are the creative hobbies and how to be creative starting them?

There are many hobbies which help us make more creative and innovative. I feel very satisfied and happy when spending time for creative hobbies like art/crafts, writing for blogs, calligraphy etc. Every time when I discover a new idea, theme, pattern or create something different brings a feeling of satisfaction and excitement. Creative hobbies result in an end product of sorts which is satisfying for humans.

Creative hobbies cover a huge range of activities. To my point of view art and crafts are the best form of creative hobbies. Few examples of creative hobbies are art, drawing, knitting, dress making, cross stitch, embroidery, scrap booking, card making, pottery, Sculpture
Carving, Tapestry, Flower arranging, Stained glass etc.

Painting is another creative hobby which has many forms like water colour, oil pastels, fabric painting etc. I have experimented almost all forms of it but I like to play with acralic colors. You can use fabric or acrylic colors to creative easy and pretty patterns on any fabric or plastic household items.

Caligraphy is one of those creative hobbies which I have been involved and love to spend time for creating art with lettering. Calligraphy can help you expose your writing style and art in many forms like you can write cards, send notes to your friends and they would love to get a personalized piece of art from you.

Writing is another way in which your creative side can come out. There are numerous ways in which you can get published these days. You can write your own blog. Some blogs have been picked up by publishers and turned into books.

There are lots more creative hobbies. You just need to check which hobbies attract you most. Search for more information how to do it, collect the material and start being creative.

Being creative is not just an exercise, work or discipline – it's a necessity.

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