Weird and strange news around the net

Just entering the keyword is sometimes enough to get in touch with the resources an links for that specific topic. But there are many blogs or sites which may not get the place at few first pages of search engines. There are lots of sites with good stuff which are not visible at first sight. As I search for many useful links at many blog directories or sites with useful links. Many blogs have useful resources or blog roll section where you can check for related sites. This post is about weird and strange news around the net. There are few links but I have selected only sites with good stuff.

“Strange Asian News” scours the internet for the weirdest, strangest and most wacky news from Asia.

Front page offers navigation to weird news from 'Asia, China, Japan and Europe', so you can search or browse through

– Japanese Restaurant has Monkeys as Waiters

– “Money Bath” in Taiwan

– Amazing Digital Cloud Skyscraper

– Military Themed Restaurant Opens in Lebanon

More weird news links:

* Weird news at ' offering funny and bizarre stories in news.

* 'That's'

* 'Weird news section at '

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