Useful Links for paper crafts and origami projects

From the very early age I have a fascination for paper. I love to use paper for writing, for correspondence or making paper models which is called paper craft or origami.

You can make a lot of crafts using paper, which is a vary cheap medium for this purpose like cards, paper models of cars, houses, dolls, famous places etc. I have written before about the online useful resources and links in my previous posts and it helps me to find the relevant information quickly as I teach a lot of origami models to my nursery class kids.

I believe that origami or paper craft is one of the best creative art form with a lot of benefits. You can have hours of  fun for hours doing it yourself or keeping your kids busy with it.
I am happy to share the information with my blog readers and hope that I it would be helpful for you to get ideas and tips from these resources to learn and create paper crafts or origami projects for yourself, your students or your children.

* Paper crafty is a site dedicated to origami and crafts projects.

* PaperCraft Art Creative' is the free collection of paper crafts, paper models, paper dolls and origami.

* 'Paper craft models of things that fly'

* 'Card models for free download'

* Paper modelz

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