Unusual and unique designs in knives

For centuries, the knife has always been an essential tool in the evolution of mankind. People continue to use knives every day for important tasks, such as cutting food, making surgical incisions and saving lives in emergency situations. Every knife has a specific use and we use the proper knife for every cutting task.
There are thousands of knives to choose from in this world. Knives range from cheap imports to museum pieces, from hunting tools to combat weapons.
There are a number of designs that are unusual and unique. Some knife designs are strange and silly. Here are few pictures of those bizarre knife designs.

Unique and unusual Knife Designs

Bullet knife.
Bloody Chef’s knife
WASP Injection Knife
WASP Injection Knife
It has the capability of freezing and exploding internal organs. When stabbed into an object, the knife releases freezing air into the target at 800psi. It’s designed for divers to defend themselves from sharks.
Umbrella sword
Umbrella sword with sharp sword hidden within its handle
Scorpion Wrist knife
Scorpion Wrist knife

Chef knife with acrylic handle has been specifically shaped to conform to the hand and placed directly above the cutting blade to alleviate the “lever effect’ produced by traditionally designed knives.

Peanut Knife Necklace

Peanut knife design necklace

Source: http://www.funcage.com/blog/8-bizarre-knife-designs/

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