What are Tonsil Stones? | How to Get Rid Of Them?

Firstly, before getting into the how to get rid of tonsil stones? We will know what a tonsil stone is. The Tonsil stones are basically the unwanted problem that is not healthy for a human health. These stones can occur in any shape size, age. Irrespective of the gender also, these stones cause discomfort, results in bad breath and sore throats. It is typically a form of a bacteria and food particles clubbed and form into stones finding their way into the crevices of the tonsils growing hard and solid in stone form.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones?

After figuring out that one has tonsil stones, you can treat them either taking medical treatment or through remedies at home. Choose your way of comfort. Get rid of the unwanted and irritable stones and say bye to tonsil stones now. Down below I will allocate you with both ways of removing tonsil stones with full guidance. Read and understand all the instructions carefully before applying.

  • Remove Tonsils at Home:

Steps to follow:

    • Firstly, be prepared by you that you have a tonsil stone and should remove it. Find the clear visibility of the stone inside the mouth and hold a strong flashlight that can make the stones visibility brighter.
    • Then, next thing is to make the use of the tongue. Yes, in order to get rid of the tonsil stones at home, you have to use the tongue. This is the tool that will help to loosen the tonsil stones inside and break them out.
    • Put pressure on the tongue and press back touching the tonsil stones. It might be a painful but very effective way of getting rid of stones.
    • Make sure you pull back your tongue ensuring that your tongue is touching the stones and put the pressure once you reach your target.
    • Also, at the same time try to cough, this, in turn, helps to loosen the stones.
    • Be patient enough as this technique requires full focus and takes some time to get the tonsil stones out of the crevices.
    • Then gargle with water for allots 30 seconds and see to it that the stones are coming out in the tissue.
    • Then use a toothbrush to lift up the tonsil tissue and say “Aaahh” to get a better view of the inside. Gargle with water how many times possible and by this way, you can get rid of the tonsil stones at home.

Remove Tonsil stones with Medical Treatment:

If you are looking for medical help, then visit an ENT specialist and follow the instructions. The doctors treat the tonsil stones with great care and use the specialize Kit of tool that will help them to do so. Once you get rid of the tonsil stones, make sure that you start preventing the stones to form once again by taking good care of the teeth and mouth. Make sure you gargle with water after eating anything and brush your teeth regularly. Stay healthy and stay away from unwanted problems.

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