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There are lots of sites offering crafts or do-it-yourself projects and you only need to bookmark those sites for repeated visits to check updated posts. But the best place to discuss and sharing is online community sites or forums. These online forums are a good place to get tips, tricks, ideas and links to other sites which are associated with crafts, or other hobbies. an online community where people share tips, experiences and diy (do it yourself) projects.

Craftster was started in August 2003 and has gains over 700,000 readers per month. They have total 183,724 registered members at this time. It has been written up in numerous publications including Time Magazine, the New York Times and the London Guardian.

Craftster is commonly known as “indie crafts.” (“Indie” stands for independent as in indie music, indie art, indie film, etc.) Craftster is regarded by many as one of the cornerstones of the recent renaissance in crafting known as the “indie craft movement.”

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