Picnic basket tips to make your picnic memorable

I always pack my picnic basket alongwith some stuff which is very handy during picnic trips like garbage bags, moist towlettes, wash cloth, liquid soup, toilet paper rolls and a tiny first aid kit which includes ORS saline, antacids, pain killers, first aid handy bandages, and mosquito bite repellent. You need to first check the climate and your picnic place envirenment to make the list. This post helps you learn many picnic basket tips to make your picnic memorable and joyous.

Few tips for packing picnic baskets:

Take what you need and no less. Take what you want and no more.

The Basket – don't use bags. They will be trampled on, fall over, be crushed, etc. Use any basket, strong tote, cooler or the like. Rectangular will always fit better. Consider a container that can also be used as a small table.

Cooler or ice chest – A must for all perishables. Try to match the cooler and contents. Don't lug around an enormous cooler for a couple of sandwiches and one 6-pack of drinks. Do leave room for ice. The day before, fill the cooler with ice and then drain and re-fill when you pack before leaving.

A valuable tip: Take notes on what to do next time – just tuck the note in your picnic basket. It will be a pleasant discovery when you start putting together your next picnic.

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