Pencil collecting as a hobby and how to start it?

There are many people around who love to collect pencils, you can also start collecting pencils as a hobby.

How you can start?

There are various kind of pencils like wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, art pencils, and plastic pencils.  For starters, collect wooden pencils. The shafts (longer part of pencil) may display sport teams, tourist attractions, banks, colleges, safety slogans, and even Bible verses.

You can also collect old pencils, but it is rather difficult, as people usually throw them away.
This article offers you links and online resources to get more information about pencils and pencil collecting. A good place to interact with pencil collectors is pencil collectors organizations or online communities. Online blogs of collectors are a good place to get inspiration and collector ideas.

Useful links and online resources:

American Pencil Collectors Society a not-for-profit hobby organization devoted toward the exclusive interests of establishing and maintaining communication among pen and pencil collectors and the dissemination of information relative to writing instruments.

* The Philosophy of Pencil Collecting

* Pencil talk is a blog devoted to exploring woodcase pencils and related topics. Of course, it is also more than just that – it is a meditation on the basic tools used by writers, artists, students, and office workers, and how these tools influence us.                    

* 'Debbie's Pencil Collection'

* Beaverton man looking for a home for his collection of 73,980 pencils
* Explore the World of Pencil Collecting

* Pencil Points A blog about collecting brand name woodcase pencils.
* Collecting pencils at Writing Instruments blog

* A community of pencil collectors

Old known pencil in existence
This carpenters pencil is the oldest known pencil in existence. It was found in the roof of a 17th-century German house, and is part of the Faber-Castell private collection.

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