Paper craft making ideas and tips

Paper is probably the most versatile and universal material available. But do you know that we can use paper in many wasys to create different crafts or art projects?
There are lots of uses of paper in crafts which can easily transformed into gift or decorative products. There are many forms of paper craft which can keep you busy for hours like paper folding, origami, scrap-booking, collage etc. This post would help you learn paper craft making ideas and tips.

* Decoupage

The word “decoupage” has its origin from the French word “decouper” which simply means “to cut out”. The art of decoupage involves cutting out small paper objects and arranging them in a decorative way on another object such as wood. The final step is to glue them and seal them with numerous coats of varnish for a smooth result.

* Paper Maché

Paper Mache is a versatile craft technique and so fun for adults and kids alike. As it can get quite messy, it is recommended to cover your working area with an old plastic tablecloth and to wear old clothes.

All you will need are strips of newspaper, glue and your base object or form. You can create your glue by using 1 part flour to 1 part water and adding a spoonful of craft glue. When combined, this mixture then resembles a thick paste with the consistency of cream.

You can also mix wallpaper glue powder with water according to manufacture’s instructions. Wallpaper paste has an advantage that it keeps for days in an airtight container. If it thickens, add some water and mix well.

A typical base object to cover with the paper strips is a balloon. With this, animal bodies or even a Halloween masks can be created. Other items can also be taped to the balloonsuch as toilet paper or kitchen paper rolls. These in turn become arms and legs.

Ordinary plastic bowls are another source of base object. When wrapped with cling wrap, you can apply the strips of newspaper and once dry, the base bowl can be removed leaving the paper mache shell. Paper maché objects becomes firm and durable when dry and can be easily painted over.

* Collage

The word “collage” comes from the French language and means to “glue on”. To create a collage picture you need different elements or pieces such as photographs, drawings, letters, newspaper clippings or other objects and these get arranged and glued on an underground such as a canvas to create a completly new picture.

* Origami

Origami originates in China and is a very old technique of folding square shaped paper into small 3-D works of art such as animals or other figures.

* Lacé

Lacé is a paper cutting technique in which the cut pieces, for example in the shape of triangles, are folded back and then interlinked in each other, creating a new design which resembles fish bone or a braid. You can buy metal lacé templates or print out this example here >>> Lace Pattern

What are Artist Trading Cards???

Artist Trading Cards or otherwise known as ATC’s are created in the size of 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches or 64 x 89 millimeters. These are small and self-made miniature works of art. Other than the size, there are no particular rules to follow. Combine different materials and elements to create unique and one of a kind cards. Sign, number and date the backs of your cards. These cards are not meant to be sold but if you like, there are groups that trade and collect these cards. You can find them on the internet in different craft forums.

Tips to make paper projects from available materials:

* Save old cards, calender pages, pretty pictures found in magazines or catalogs, music sheets, old letters with pretty or interesting writing, maps, wrapping paper, stamps, stickers, labels, paper napkins with designs, seed packages, etc….. almost anything out of paper can be used and recycled again into something new and beautiful.

* Save cereal boxes, cardboard inlets from shirts or the grey cardboard backings from writing pads. These can be useful to make sturdy templates that can often be reused.

* Scrapbook paper is not just for scrapbooking! With so many lovely designs and colors, you can use it for many other paper crafts as well such as card making or other general paper craft projects needing paper or cardstock.

* Information and definitions provided with thanks by : 'Craft Ideas'

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