Online Calligraphy Learning resources

There are many online links from where you can learn calligraphy for free. You don't need to spend lot of money for this hobby as the material you need to learn or practive is easily available from a stationary or art/craft shops or you can buy it online as well.

You need to be patience if you want to learn this 'art of lettering' or writing. (Note that calligraphy is called 'art of lettering') If you are passionate about writing and have a little bit knowledge of drawing then you can easily adopt this hobby to improve your skills.

There are some places where you would be asked for some fee or donation, but if you don't want to take it as a career, then don't waste money and use the free links to learn it.

Calligraphy Learning resources:

* Learn is a place where you can learn basic lessons of calligraphy like, How to use the calligraphy pen, which inks to use, how to build up the letters and how to plan and decorate your calligraphy project.

* Free calligraphy lessons from Chuck McGavren's site

* An online resource with easy to learn articles: Learn Calligraphy

* Read an online magazine for calligraphers 'Pen People” but it is not free.

* The Edward Johnson Foundation is a research centre for calligraphy and the lettering arts. It is dedicated to the promotion of public awareness of calligraphy, not only as an art form in its own right but also as the seed and reference point for many other lettering disciplines including modern typeface design. Based in Ditchling, Sussex the birthplace of the modern revival of calligraphy, the Foundation is working towards the establishment of a permanent centre for learning, research and education in the lettering arts.

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