'Life Hackery' – A nice blog with useful tips and hacks

'Life Hackery' is a nice blog which I discovered while browsing 'stumble upon'. The blog offers useful tips and hacks to make your life better. There are many variety of topics you can read and browse about the tips and hacks.

From the top link bar you can directly go for the posts which are related to these topics:
# Art & Design
# Automotive
# Entertainment
# Gadgetry
# Health
# Home
# Internet
# Life
# Money
# Productivity
# Technology

I just checked the 'art/design' to check what kind of stuff they offer and I was happy to see many good and quality posts like as 'How to Plan a Surprise Party?', '17 Uncommon Uses for Cotton Swabs', 'Five Funky Ways to Reuse Gift Wrappers' etc etc. I was really inspired with the post '17 common uses for cotton swabs' because I am one of those crafts lovers who prefer to use cheap or recycled material.

More about the site (in their own words)

'Who doesn’t want life to be easier? In our time-obsessed society, we’re always looking for shortcuts, and we share the ones that we find with you. Keep reading, and you’ll find useful, unusual and (sometimes) ironic tips and tricks to hack your life into shape.'

You can discover a lot more at the site.

Site link: 'Life Hackery'

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