Learn to draw following step by step instructions

Drawspace.com is one of those sites which offer online drawing lessons, and many of these lessons are free. It is now providing around 200 free lessons on drawing. From beginners to advance level there are drawing lessons for all type of learners. And as site presents these free lessons with easy and step by step instructions anybody can learn or get useful tips from it.

More about the site!

It is an online resource for fine art educators, home schooling programs, and educational facilities. Brenda Hoddinott is the author of this site and lessons.

More about the site owner:

Brenda Hoddinott is an Award winning artist, illustrator, art educator, curriculum designer, forensic artist (retired), and author of Drawing for Dummies, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing People Illustrated, and Drawing Book 1: Getting Started. Brenda has developed art curricula, and taught drawing classes since 1980.

She says: “My philosophy on teaching art is to focus primarily on the enjoyment aspects while gently introducing the technical and academic. Hence, in creating a passion for the subject matter, the quest for knowledge also becomes enjoyable.”

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