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Whether you’re an art teacher, art student, or just a hobbyist you will find the step by step free online tutorials, tips and techniques will give you the ability to bring those images in your mind into paper reality. Make Google My Homepage Becoming skilled at drawing requires several factors coming together. Some of these factors include desire, instruction, practice, time, and more practice.

Pencil/Graphite drawing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways in which to begin your art lessons. All you will need is a number #2 pencil and some paper. All people, young and old, have the ability to improve their drawing skills. Most people don’t believe that! The main secret in improving your ability to draw is the ability to see correctly.

Few tips to start learning and improving pencil drawing skills

• The most important thing is just to draw something, and keep drawing everyday if possible. Even if you only spend 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day on drawing you will begin to see improvements.

• Remember to enjoy the process of learning and don’t be too hard on yourself if your drawings don’t turn out to be masterpieces.You can improve your pencil drawing skills by carefully considering your pencil and how it hits the page. Controlling and exploiting the possibilities of the mark is an important step in developing as an artist.
• For most pencil drawing, keep your pencil sharp.

• Brighten the point by rubbing the side of the pencil on scrap paper between sharpenings. If you need a darker line, use a softer pencil, and be aware that a softer pencil goes blunt quickly.

• Use a Variety of Line: When drawing lines, either in a linear drawing or within a texture in a tonal drawing, note that you can vary the weight of the line by lifting the pencil or pressing harder.

More tips at: Draw sketch at ‘about’
If you are really serious about drawing, you can also try and find a teacher who can help you. Ask your teacher which books he or she recommends and you may even be able to borrow some materials from them as well.

How to draw learning activities are fun, but they also help children develop many important skills. These skills, eye-hand coordination, color concepts, picture comprehension, form the foundation for early learning success. Children who color generally acquire and use knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

Online links and resources to learn pencil drawing:

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 A pencil drawing by Dueys draw
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A pencil drawing by Dueys draw
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* Free art tutorials – lessons and demonstrations in graphite and coloured pencils by some of the world’s leading artists.

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