Learn drawing -How to draw trees?

Pencil drawing is a popular medium to create drawings. As a beginner you can start learning drawing from anywhere. There are lot of books available which demonstrate the step by step instructions. Today I am reviewing a book which is really helpful to learn the basics of drawing.

You can learn few important drawing techniques to create various part of trees like leaf, branches and trunk.

“Drawing Trees” is an art instruction book written by Denis Naylor.

– You can learn about “Proportions and angles”, and how to measure with a pencil held out straight at arm's length,
– There is a good tip on how to gauge angles of the branches, and size of the branches in comparison to the tree trunk.

For example there is drawing of oak leaves and acorns and whole-tree projects of Lombardy Poplars, Sequoia, riverside Birches and tree roots.

 'Drawing trees' paperback is available at 'Amazon' I have uploaded this files at file sharing site and you can now download ebook for free.

Download ebook free at 'Deposit files'

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