Join the social network for hobbyists 'Hobby Thing'

I am a members of many forums/online social community sites, because it helps me learn more about the topics I am interested like hobbies, blogging, education and etc. There are number of people with like minded interests, blogs, tips, and ideas. And it is very amusing to interact with those people having same interests.

Hobby Thing is a social network for hobbyists and collectors. It is a place for hobby enthusiasts to meet and discuss their interests.

Their opinion about hobbies:

'Hobby is like a too big word for everyday interests and lifestyle. If you are passionate about something it is you hobby. It does not have to be collecting stamps or anything like that. Working in your garden to make it look all nice and pretty is a hobby already; or experimenting with cooking to impress your loved ones.

Hobby is anything that makes you relax, happy and takes your mind away form everyday troubles…

Sometimes would be cool to talk to someone who the same as you likes to dig in a garden, read long time forgotten classical literature or simply cycle around for a pleasure.'

You can register for free.

At their 'forum' you can talk to others about cool and popular hobbies and this is the place to talk to other hobby enthusiasts!

There are interesting and useful hobby articles like, 'What is teabag folding hobby?', 'My adventure with meditation' etc. Yor are allowed to submit your articles as well.

– There are 'hobby groups' at the site on popular hobbies and if you don't find related group then you are allowed to start your own group there.

You get their support as a hobbyist as they say:

'We want to give a chance to hobbyists, who put their first steps turning their passions into professions. Members are more then welcome to advertise their work in their profile for free. They can also find others with similar interests, make friends and maybe get some advice on the subject too.'

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