Interesting yo-yo shapes and designs

It is one of the favorite toys for kids and kids love to play with it. Although it is originally designed for children but adults also enjoy very much while playing with yo-yo. Yo-yo is available in various shapes and designs.

Imperial shape

Yo-yo Shapes 

Yo-yos are available in several silhouettes that are designed with specific advantages. There are three popular yo-yo shapes.
Imperial: Imperial shape is very common shape and considered as original shape of yo-yo. It is also known as sculpted design. This shape is helpful in performing looping tricks. “Pedro Flores” was the first producer of this shape of yo-yo but in 1929 “Duncan” bought the rights of this design.

This shape is so famous for looping style tricks. This shape is also famous as flywheel or modern shape. This type of yo-yo typically has hollowed face which is sometimes covered with paper or plastic with extra material left in the rim. Modified shaped yo-yo gives you long spin time so it is famous for string tricks.


Butterfly shape

Butterfly shaped yo-yo was first time introduced in 1958. Butterfly yo-yo has wider string gap which make it convenient to catch yo-yo body on the string. It looks a bit like separated halves of a standard yo-yo that have ability to reconnect back-to-back. But there is a problem that butterfly shape is good for “string tricks” but not good for “looping tricks” because the winged shape body restricts its easy flip while looping. Butterfly shape is similar to small “Diabolo” and sometimes also called “Chinese yo-yo.

Modern Yo-Yo Shapes 
Yo-yoing community introduced several yo-yos with wide-gaps, H-shapes and dimples.
Wide-Gap Yo-Yos:  Wide-gap yo-yos are not exclusive and have wider gapes. These gapes allow more layers of strings to be stacked in yo-yo and slack or lacerations in string also allow several tricks. This shape has drawback that it doesn’t return to player’s hand without bound through the use of front or under mount.

H-shaped Yo-Yos: These yo-yos have too much similarity with butterfly-shaped but center toward bearing/axle is offset to a smaller diameter to add to circumferential weight and allow easy “grinding tricks”. Dimples Yo-Yos:  Italian yo-yo manufacturer “Roo-Yo” utilizes golf ball technology in yo-yo. This technology produces dimples in yo-yo to reduce air friction.

Other less popular shapes of yo-yos are Humphrey, Ball, Slimline, Russell Style (Bulge Face), Puck, Satellite, Coaster and Riveted Disk.

wooden yo-yo
Interesting globe design yo-yos

Interesting objects which are designed like yo-yo:

This not a yo-yo but a table inspired by yo-yo design
The yo yo floor lamp 

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