Interesting places around us -Waterfall restaurant

We prefer to have food at restaurants with nice environment or decoration. Having meal at open air restaurant (with natural scenery) is also a good experience.
How about having traditional meal under or next to a waterfall?

At Villa Escudero resort you can eat a traditional Filipino meal in a river next to a waterfall, with your feet cooling off in the water. The restaurant is actually designed in such a way that the water flows across the floor of the restaurant and over the feet of diners.                                                              

Restaurant at the Foot of a Waterfall

Located in the Quezon province of the Philippines, Villa Escudero is a resort with cozy rooms and an exotic atmosphere. But what brought its international fame is the waterfall restaurant that allows tourists to enjoy a nice meal at the foot of a small waterfall.

At Villa Escudero restaurant, tables are situated below the spillway of the hydroelectric dam (or the 'Labasin waterfalls') where diners enjoy their lunch dipped in the flowing calf-deep water.

People are encouraged to take off their shoes and get as close to the falls as possible. Set right at the foot of Labasin Falls, this special place invites customers to taste popular Filipino dishes, while fresh spring water from the falls flows under and over their feet, making this an unforgettable experience.

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