Interesting places around us – Prettiest village in England

Exciting, interesting and a little bit strange are elements that travelers are currently seeking in their vacations, travel experts say.

'Castle Combe' is one of those destinations which is exciting and interesting as it has been called 'The Prettiest Village in England'. 
Castle Combe is a tiny village in Wiltshire, England, with a population of about 350. It is renowned for its attractiveness and tranquillity, and for fine buildings including the medieval church.The village has twice played host to the Combe Sunday event, a music extravaganza which attracted 4,000 visitors to the village in 2006.

Visitors have been coming to enjoy its charms for at least a century and the small street leading from the Market Cross down to the By Brook is as picturesque today as it ever was. Castle Combe is situated on the southern-most edge of the Cotswolds and is approximately 12 miles from the Georgian city of Bath. Nearby there are many sites of historical interest such as Avebury, Stonehenge and the Wiltshire White Horses. There are also many wonderful walks in the area.

Castle Combe, BritainKnown for its picturesque scenery, Castle Combe in Britain's Wiltshire County about 20 miles east of Bristol was named the country's prettiest village in 1962 in a national poll conducted by British Travel Assn., precursor to the British Tourist Authority.

Brief History of 'Castle Combe':
Castle Combe's long history extends back to Roman times when its namesake, of which little remains, served as a fort. It played a role in the cloth industry in the 16th century. In the 1940s, it was put up for auction. Today, the village has a luxury hotel and a motor racing venue.
This tiny typical English village is one of those place where it seems that the time is still and that the people live exactly like they did some centuries ago. All the houses are made of stones and the atmosphere is really unique.

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