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I am starting a new series which is about 'travel' and it is about interesting places around us. Internet is doing the good job of 'tourism development' as by the click of the mouse, we can get a glimpse of unique, interesting, unusual as well as attractive destinations around  the world.

I am selecting the places or destinations which are unique or attractive like today I have selected 'The Magic Mountain Hotel' which is located in Huilo Huilo, in Los Rios, Chile'. Unique feature of this hotel is it's design which resembles to fairy tale place.

The hotel was built by traditional artisans who used locally-sourced materials and was voted “Most Sustainable Tourism Destination in Chile.”

Visitors enter the hotel on a suspended rope bridge and are greeted by a cascade of water coming down from the cone shaped green roof. From the top of the Magic Mountain Lodge, a waterfall streams down past the bedroom windows. Not only do guests get the experience of living inside of a mountain, they also get to peer out from behind a waterfall. This is how the hotel rightfully earns its title as a Magic Mountain.

The hotel is cone shaped with dormer windows peaking out of its vegetated and stone façade. A water spot on top pours over the roof, drenching the plants and anyone at the base of the building.

Inside the logde                           
The 13 guest rooms are simple and cozy. This design of the building is connected with a local legend about the existence of these forests, magic mountain, performing the requirements of any who would be on it
Wood and stone spiraled staircases as well as wooden walls and furniture are just some of the natural decorations you’ll see in and around the hotel.

All of the rooms have large windows that overlook Chile’s majestic rain forest and its wildlife so you have a constant reminder of your peaceful surroundings.

Seeing as the hotel’s design is based on the shape of a mountain, this is what dictates the interior layout. The size of the nine rooms, each named after a local bird, gradually decrease in size as you move toward the top, or peak, of the hotel. Guests access their rooms via a spiraling central staircase built with local stone and wood, while the main access to the hotel is a suspended wood and cable bridge. The interior of the rooms are in keeping with the hotel’s blend of elegance and ecotourism, and feature rough-hewn planks along the walls, as well as other finely crafted wooden furniture.

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