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People are excited about adventure travel as it is not only visiting some place, have fun at luxury destinations and come back, rather it is spending time at unusual or adventurous places. Adventure lovers prefer to visit the places which are exciting and interesting. The idea of living in ice houses or igloo houses is for adventure lover travelers. These igloos/ice hotels or villages are rebuilt every year.

Eskimo living in a Luxury Igloo Village
It is about a concept hotel that offers igloo villages in seven locations in Andorra, Switzerland and Austria. These igloos are rebuilt every year, using 3,000 tons of snow from the Pyrenees and the Alps.

The history of Iglu-Dorf:
It began with one extreme skateboarder’s crazy idea to spend the night in an igloo so he could be the first on the slopes the next day. Apparently being first is a matter of great pride for skateboarders, so he decided to build himself an igloo to make sure no one beat him to that first ride down the mountain. The next day he looked like the happiest person alive, and when someone asked him why he had a big smile on his face, he just pointed at the mountain and said “You see that line over there? That was me.” More and more people followed his example and asked to sleep in his igloo. The next season he built two igloos, then three, and that’s how the Iglu-Dorf igloo villages were born. Now the company builds 12 of them every year, in different locations around Europe.

Although Iglu-Dorf does offer heated rooms with a stove, most of the snow igloos are only equipped with sleeping bags to keep you warm, so you better pack some winter clothes. Temperatures during the night don’t fall too far below 0 degrees Celsius, but if you feel chilly, you can try the nice cheese fondue fountain, or jump into the incredible hot-tub built right in the snow, and count the stars.

Source: 'Odity Central'

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