Interesting facts about toilegami

Sometimes, when you go into a fancy hotel, you find the end of the toilet paper roll folded up into an interesting shape.  We know that these folds are called origami but this form of toilet paper art is called “toilegami.”

  Toilet paper origami is called 'Toilegami' and it is practiced in many hotels worldwide. Basically, the cleaning staff folds the first piece of toilet paper on the roll into a shape. It is not only a marketing trick but there are two main reasons of adopting this creative art in toilets.

Purpose of toilegami:

  1. It is a way of assuring guests that the bathroom has been cleaned.
  2. To impress or delight guests with the management's creativity and attention to details. 

 Interesting facts:

  • Stephen Gill, a British photographer has published a book of pictures of folded hotel toilet paper from various nations. 
  •  An automated toilet paper folding machine called Meruboa was invented in Japan. With the push of a lever the device folds the first sheet of toilet paper into a triangle. 
  • As part of a $1 billion renovation of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, in 2006, the typical triangular fold practice was stopped as one of a number of changes in order to give customers an impression that the hotel was special. 
  • The Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, also imprints its name and logo on the ends of its toilet paper — a practice done by supervisors checking the work of the housekeepers 
  • The Tickle Pink Inn, a motel in Carmel Highlands, California, folds the ends of its toilet paper into fan-like designs, mirroring the folds of its bathroom washcloths Hotel toilet paper folding is such an institution that in the horror movie 1408 it is used as one of the eerie happenings noticed by the main character—after using the toilet paper, he finds it mysteriously has been freshly folded over. 

Toilet paper folding or toilegami has attracted the attention of observers within the hotel industry and beyond it, involving both sober discussion of the practice as a marketing move as well as wry commentary with various degrees of seriousness. The practice has been considered an emblematic example of a meme copied across the world from a hotel to another until the point that most of them now do it.

Source of pictures: 'tporigami'

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