Interesting facts about the day and year you were born

Our day of birth, month, year or time is not only important to get a birth certificate which is an important document to prove your age. Your horoscope is also judged by your birth date, and knowing your horoscope shows some personality trends which help you define what kind of characteristics you may have etc.
This article is about having fun while searching for information or related facts about the day or year you were born.

'Day of Birth' offers interesting facts about the day and year you were born. It is quite easy to use the site, as you need to enter your birth date at provided box and next page tells you the day of the week that you were born on.

Site tells you other fun things such as: your star sign, how old you are, what season you were born in, how long until your next birthday, and how many days/hours/seconds you have been alive (assuming 12:00 midnight so the last two are approximations only). All times and dates are calculated to 12AM on your date of birth, with times based on GMT Standard Time.

The site also provides links to other websites, so you can find more information such as famous people or events that share your birthday.

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