Interesting and unique uses of pencil

A pencil is a functional and very commonly used tool for writing or drawing. There are many kind of pencils like copying, drafting, woodless, colored(for water coloring), checking, highlighter pencils etc.  Many people collect different kind of pencils and it is called pencil collecting hobby. You can find variety of pencils with different colors, sizes and material with attractive designs. There are also people who love to create crafts with pencils or lead.
You can make pencil decorations or toppers to create fun and crafts projects.
What other uses of pencil you may think of?

 How many uses of pencil can be?

A very creative use of pencil is to start plant. Made from the wood of bug-repell ing incense cedar trees, a pencil jabbed into the soil is a durable support for small plants. 

You may use pencil in many ways such as:                                   

  • Drumming with Chewing on
  • Throwing when frustrated.
  • Finger exercise Pendulum
  • Two pencils = chopsticks
  • two pencils = pontoons for a small watercraft
  • Door stop
  • Two pencils = a way to move heavy objects
  • Keeps two painted surfaces from touching while they dry
  • chase game in swimming (pencils float)
  • Dig mud out of tennis shoe treads
  • Exercise device to build dexterity by twirling it from finger to finger
  • Pencils can be used as the frame for a small teepee
  • Measuring device
  • Sobriety testing tool for police
  • Used to induce hypnosis 8
  • pencils can be used to hold toes apart while polish dries
  • splint Garden stake
  • Tool to pick up things you don't want to touch
  •  good to rub on the ends of a rechargeable battery before recharging. (the eraser that is).
  • Rub on a key before inserting the key into a frozen door lock. (The grafite is lubricating).
  • Balance on your ear.
  • A great conductor's baton alternative.
  • Great for lubricating small joints.
  • Great for starting a fire in your fireplace.
  • Sharpen both ends, use it as a part of a circuit.
  • Punch a hole in plastic wrap around various things, such as ink cartridges, computer accessories.
  • Punch a hole in soil for planting seeds.
  • Plug up a hole Use as a dowel
  • Use the graphite to lubricate door/drawer edges
  • Stir drinks
  • Start a fire with it.
  •  Push stuff down the kitchen sink if it gets caught in the drain
  • Hold hair back in a twist Straight-edge
  • Miniature sundial
  • Anchor on which to start a small vine plant
  • Cat toy                                                                                 
  • ice remover
  • cutting dabber
  • long dice
  • tracheotomy maker
  • arrow to tap on a window
  • to play pick up sticks with (will need a whole bunch!) to push buttons with to prop
  • something up with as a ruler to draw a straight line (but not with the pencil!)
  • mast of a toy ship to scrape mud, dirt,
  • dried grass from shoe bottoms
  • pinpoint graphite lubrication eraser end for removing corrosion from flashlight terminals
  • balancing exercise “charcoal sketches” metal fabrication layout lever to pry out fuses from fuse blocks,
  • safely Conductor's baton Skewer
  • Mini swords for a mini sword fight
  • Magic wand To reach something in tight spaces
  • Foot scratcher so you don't have to take off your shoe
  • Time passer/anxiety reducer (i.e., finger spinning, airplane noises, bouncing on the eraser)
  • Making crossbow with pencils

This list is not complete and may be you can think of more uses of pencil. Isn't it?

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