Incredible and weird facts and stories around the globe

There are a lot of sites offering stories or news about incredible or weird stuff. Many sites are loaded with pictures or videos or those events. This post is about 'The Human Marvels' a site about human marvels and as usual there are more links to relevant sites. offers very interesting and a different kind of stuff. It provides strange and weird facts about humans from around the globe.
After browsing few posts you can get an idea 'what kind of marvelous stories or facts you can expect at the site. Few posts titles are:
CHANG – The Chinese Giant
SUSI -The Elephant Girl
SANDWINA -Woman of Steel
Site is owned by ;J. Tithonus Pednaud' who says: 'It is a curious collection of human marvels. These portent and exceptionally unique human beings stand as uplifting testaments to human spirit and serve as inspiring examples of human tenacity.
'This site is dedicated to highlighting the remarkable lives of those born exceedingly different. Human marvels who overcame seemingly horrific, socially crippling deformities and adverse situations to stand as uplifting testaments to human spirit and serve as inspiring examples of human tenacity.
The work of J. Tithonus Pednaud has been featured in various media including CBC Radio, Rue Morgue Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, G4TV and many others. He also occasionally lectures on human genetic variety and monstrous origins.
More sites and links of interest:
* 'The daily weird' offers popular collection of strange and weird photos collected from around the web.
* 'Strange USA' is a site about Haunted buildings, places, Urban legends, cemeteries, weird places, cool places, ghost towns, and etc. Home page of the site offers a USA map for easy navigation to the places around U.S.A.
* 'Cabinet of wonders' is a blog, a place where things of interest are set out, in possibly bizarre, possibly fetishistic presentation, for perusal by the discerning, who understand that presentation, and scientific interest, are all a form of magic.

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