Ideas and Techniques to Create Unique Collage Work

You can create endless collage projects to impress others. As there are variety of materials or mediums which you can use to create a collage, your art or crafts work is always a unique piece of art. You can use your collage work for making cards, decorate gift boxes, making wall hangings and etc.

Ideas and techniques to create collage work:

  • A collage is your personal canvas, yours to decorate in any way that you please, and hence it becomes unique art piece.
  • You need some basic materials on hand in order to get started, including poster board, scissors, colored pens and pencils, and some glue sticks.
  • Arrange each picture and two dimensional object on the poster board before you glue. Try different arrangements until you get one that looks just right.
  • For light weight and flat materials (paper, canvas, etc.) use Liquitex using the fluid or the gel.
  • For heavy weight and 3-D materials (beads, rocks, etc.): Use Liquitex Gel Mediums.
  • Collages are a great way to show the bigger picture, like a baby’s first year (or month!), or marathon training, or even your garden’s progress over the summer.
  • After a fun vacation or a wonderful event, use collage gifts to enjoy your most-loved photos all together.
  • Highlight your family trip or share a collection of your wedding photos with family and friends.

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