How to speed up your computer with easy techniques?

Does your computer take a long time to start up?
Does it take more time to run a program?
These are all symptoms of slowing down your pc and indication that you need to use techniques to speed it up.
There are many easy techniques which can help you keep your pc in best shape. It is very common complain from pc users that after some time or weeks, we observe slowing down of programs of pc or laptop. What is the best solution to speed up your computer?
I have collected some techniques which might help you speed up your computer, and at the bottom of the post, there are more links to the sites with easy techniques.

Start Up Programs
Many “gadget” programs want to load automatically at start up and each one sits in memory chewing up resources including memory and CPU cycles. Even worse some programs load at start up and never even let you know they're doing it. I've worked on computers that have had in excess of 100 start up programs (including necessary Windows processes).

Get rid of them! Most of them were probably install once and forget and you'll never miss them. Identifying them is another story but there are alternatives that will help you track them down.

Windows includes a program called MSCONFIG that will identify some start up programs. Click start, run and type in MSCONFIG and that'll get it started. Msconfig is kind of bare bones and won't give you the full story but if you don't have a lot it might do the job.

Next is autoruns which is an excellent and free tool from Microsoft. A word of warning. It is powerful and will not stop you from removing a critical Windows process. Be careful of what you're doing. You can do a free online scan here but you'll have to buy it to make any changes.

Registry Fixers

The registry does a boatload of work in Windows being where just about everything about any program or process is stored and most remove program routines don't do a good job of cleaning up when they are uninstalled. If you've removed even a few programs the registry can become full of useless information. Why does this affect performance? Every time that Windows has to access the registry it's thrashing through a load of useless data to find the right info. I've worked on machines where 25% of the registry was useless junk.

You can avoid this by using a complete uninstaller which works great but it won't fix anything that was uninstalled prior to it being used.  It is far easier and less expensive to use a registry fixer as it will not only removed obsolete junk but also fix registry errors which can cause errors and put Windows into slow mode.

Hard Drives – Fragmentation
Hard drive fragmentation should be done frequently. It helps speed up your pc.

Speed Up Your Computer In 5 Minutes

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