How to pack wisely for your trip

Either 'You are a traveler to see places, on holiday trips or going to visit others' you need to pack wisely. This article would provide you with tips and advice for packing so you are not in a trouble while traveling. As usual there is a useful links and resources section for further tips and suggestions.

It is a wise advice to travel light, but traveling light is not possible without understanding and proper use of a packing list. And to pack wisely you need to think first:

1. What To Pack, avoiding the temptation of lugging around too much stuff;
2. What To Pack It In, understanding what to look for in efficient & effective luggage; and
3. How To Pack It, particularly the management of clothing so that it doesn't get wrinkled.

* 'The' offers the list of stuff you need to check before packing and there are some useful tips like:

* Put your email address on your luggage instead of your home address and put a card with your name, address and phone number inside the case. This will keep your home safe and also allow airport security to identify you as the owner of your case, should it get lost/ delayed.

* Check the seasonal weather reports before you go to be prepared for whatever likely eventuality.

* Don't take bulky equipment for mountaineering etc unless you are very experienced. Often you can hire the basics, and it will be too bulky and heavy to lug about with you.

'eHow' offers many useful articles for packing'

Useful links and resources:

* 'Smart Packing for the Traveler'

* 'One Bag' is a compact site which is dedicated to 'the art and science of traveling light' and “Time Magazine” has named it 'the go-light guru'. So if you believe that lightning your load can make your trip comfortable and hassle free, then bookmark this site for future reference. It guides you 'what to pack, how to pack, packing list and lots of information to related topics.

* 'Packing Tips for the Smart Traveler' from 'Travel and leisure'.

* 'Independent Traveler' offers 'Interactive Packing List'

* 'Travelers point' also offer packing list for travelers.

* Packing Tips from 'Ask Andy about clothes'

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