How to create quilled greeting cards?

There are many creative ways to create unique and amazing greeting cards using an awesome paper crafts form 'quilling'. Paper quilling also known as paper filigree is a easy fun craft of curling paper to make anything that you imagine.

Paper quilling includes rolling, folding, twisting and shaping narrow strips of paper and arranging them to create beautiful designs. It has been around for hundreds of years.

Creating quilled greeting cards is the most favorite use of this amazing paper crafts form. You may get ideas and tips to create unique and your own designs to create greeting cards from this article. I have added link to an ebook which is free to download. The craft of quilling is not difficult and can be taught by anyone with a little experience. There are many online sites which can help you learn the basics of quilling and then start making or creating quilled greeting cards.

Which tools you need to start quilling?

Essential tools to start quilling are paper and glue. You may also need tweezers to hold the paper strips. Any kind of thick needle or even pencil can be used to create quills. Using a needle tool is not as difficult. The best tip is to moisten the end of the paper first, then lay it across your index finger beneath the pointed end of the needle tool. Using your thumb roll the paper around the tool, keeping the tool still. Needle tools traditionally have a wooden handle making them easy to hold, but you could also use a hat pin or even a cocktail stick or toothpick in the same way.

Quilling paper strips are generally available in widths generally ranging from 2mm to 10mm. The most common width to use is 3mm or 1/8th inch, with the wider strips generally used for fringed flowers. You can cut the strips yourself with the help of a paper cutter and a steel ruler.
Get the help from online resources for ideas and techniques and now you are ready to create your own hand mad greeting card.

How to insert quilled card into envelope?
Due to its 3D effect, and to keep the shape of your quilling art intact, you should insert it into envelope with care.
To give extra protection to your quilled cards, cut a piece of bubble wrap or thin foam to fit inside the basic card shape. Attach with double sided tape and insert into envelope.

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