How to Bring Creativity and Warmth with Gift Wrapping and Presentation?

Wrapping the gift is just fun – especially if you can turn available materials into something cool. You need more ideas, though to bring creativity and warmth in presentation of your gifts. Whether you are wrapping a birthday gift, Christmas gift or wedding gift, you can use the ideas below and modify them for your own personal gift wrapping. Anyone can use these tips and gift ideas to make their wrapping more attractive.

For example, for baby gift wrapping, you just have to use baby images from cliparts or rubber stamp designs. Baby shakers, diapers, safety pin, or other baby toys will be appropriate for the gift wrap.

These tips can give you more ideas to bring creativity in your presentation.

1- Stitch it and make it special: Pick up a canvas sack at any craft or art store for a few dollars and stamp it with your own personal touches. Download a free embroidery pattern or draw your own holiday masterpiece. Trace the pattern with a transfer pencil and iron the drawing onto the bag. Using a simple chain stitch, make the bag festive and bright with red and white embroidery floss, rickrack or sparkly sequins. Looking for something faster? Print out a holiday message or the recipient’s name on transfer paper and iron it onto the bag. Remember that when you iron an image, it must be mirror opposite for it to read correctly  check your printer settings for options on how to flip the image.

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