Hobby and pastime blogs around the world wide web

It is really strange to know that there are not many hobby related blogs. There are many sites or hobby shops around where you can find hobby related news, information, links to other sites but there are not many visible hobby blogs. May be there are many which are hard to find out.  I love to read blogs and as I have been an enthusiast about variety of pastimes and leisure activities I search the world wide web for the stuff often. This post is about few hobby blogs which I discovered during my search. I hope to add more reviews in future.

'Hobbies and Pastimes' is a hobby blog. Blog was created in 2006 so you can expect a lot of articles, but the archives section shows that there were no posts in 2009.  In total there are few posts but very interesting and with a personal touch.

Few hobby related post titles are:

  • Pet Shop: Hobby or Business?
  • Of Pens, Pencils, and Markers
  • Of Hats And Caps
  • Old Olympic Games Postcards

Blogger 'Amadeo' is from U. S. A. Another blog from Amadeo is 'The Ignatian Perspective' which seems personal blog.

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