Hobbies which can make money for you

There are hundreds or thousands of hobbies or interests which people like to spend time and get joy out of it but hobbies are not pass time activities, these interests can help you earn money as well.

Are you in search of hobbies which can make money for you?
Making money can be fun while enjoying the things you love to do. Many people around the world are making a living doing what they love and they call it 'hobbies'. I am also making some money from my hobby 'blogging' and I am still looking forward to make it a full time job. First I would suggest some informative posts about the topic.

First post is from 'Working From Home Blogging For A Living' blog which is about 'Sharing the ways a blogger makes money online blogging from home'. The blogger is making handsome amount of money from 'blogging' and shares his own experiences with us, so it is interesting to know the whole story behind this hobby which became a money earner for him.

“Get Rich Slowly” has an old but very precise post about 'tips for money making hobbies' and it says:

1- Focus on something you love

2- Be creative

3- Don’t force it
Your hobby will not make you rich. In most cases, it won’t even net you enough to allow you to quit your day job. It’s quite possible, however, to earn enough money to make the hobby self-sustaining, to keep yourself in new tools and equipment.

4- Don’t underestimate your ability

5- Market yourself

6- Hone your skill

Article link: Six Tips for Money-Making Hobbies

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