Have fun sharing your failure stories

Simply failed is created with the idea to share our thoughts about 'failure'. Because failure is a harsh reality of life which we can face with a smiling face by sharing our experiences and thoughts.

How to use the site?
You simply post what you think a Fail is. Now That should be very simple and if we think the fail is worth a mention on Simply Failed we will approve it. Then other users will get to vote for their favorite Fail’s by hitting the vote button.

Among top fails there are some interesting sharings:

– Fail is when you dress up as gangster and think you run the streets. The sad part is that you live in the suburbs in a nice house and your dads an engineer & mom’s a doctor.

– Fail is when you think your cool smoking…. Your mom some how ends up passing by and sees you smoking ends up getting out the car and slapping the hell out of you in front of the whole school. Many kids end up recording this Drama. I guess you ain't cool no more?

– Fail is when your friend thinks he is in love to a girl that he had never ever talked to her before and ends up listening to depressing music and becoming depressed…all for a girl who does not even know that he exists…. FAIL

Share your failure experience with all and have fun.

Chance to win an apple Iphone:

Write a fail story, become facebook fan, follow them on twitter and share your thoughts by commenting on the stories. The site will make the final decision and choose the winner. The person who has the best story will get an Iphone.
They are giving away 2 more iphones to random follower on twitter, a facebook fan or a random commenter.

This contest is worldwide and is opened to anyone . We will use FEDEX to send the Iphones and the contest ends on December 20th, 2009.

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