Have fun searching funny pictures and videos at 'funny potato'

I love to read interesting facts, watching funny pictures, photos and images while surfing the net. It is easy to just type fun images or pictures at any search engine page and get the result within minutes but it is fun to have variety of pictures at one place. 'YouTube' is a good source for funny videos.

'Funny Potato' has a collection of many funny pictures and videos which can make you smile or laugh.

The blog has many posts with lots of more pictures.

What kind of pictures, photos or videos you can find at the site/blog?

The Funniest pictures, Funny Clothes!
Funny Family, Funny Health, Funny Games, Funny World Records, Funny Summer, Funny Sports, Funny Movies, Funny Valentine's Day, Funny Apple, Funny Food, restaurants, etc!
– Funny Work! Funny images and pictures about work, the workplace, office jobs, stress, employees, etc!
– Funny Money! Funny images and pictures about money, coins, dollars, expensive stuff, diamonds, gold, etc!
– Funny Christmas! Funny images, pictures and video about Christmas!
Funny Weddings, Funny Animals

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* 'Funny picture-funny photo'

* Damn funny pictures

* 'Great funny pictures'

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