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Backpacking is a form of travel and in simple words 'backpackers' are usually single travelers with low budget to discover the world with small travel luggage which is called 'backpack'

Start Backpacking is for backpackers and vagabonds offering news, tips, ideas, guides and all necessary information which one may need to start 'backpacking'.
They says:

'It is not as expensive or as difficult as people think, and no matter what your age its never too late to start vagabonding. You aren’t alone. Loads of people know that waking up and making rich old men richer is not the way to live.'

The site is for backpackers and vagabonds. The site explains the term meaning very well!


Rolf Potts, author of the book Vagabonding, describes it as:

“The act of leaving behind the orderly world to travel independently for an extended period of time” and “A deliberate way of living that makes freedom to travel possible”.

So put simply, vagabonding is the act of choosing experiences and travel adventures over working away your life for material things.

There is a difference between vagabonding and vacation: A vacation is an attempt to squeeze a year’s worth of enjoyment, relaxation, and adventure into a 2 week or 10 day package. What often results is an expensive distraction, and then an unsatisfied return to reality, which is always waiting at home. In fact, after vacation, you find yourself worse off than before you left, playing catchup with work, mail, chores, etc.

Someone that is vagabonding never really returns completely from their trip. They may be home, earning money at work, etc… but always they are in the mindset to leave again. A vagabonder works only to provide the fuel for travel and adventure, not to build a lifestyle of fashion and toys.

Their 'backpacking guide' has been helping people since 2007 and explains it many steps like:

1: Get a Passport for Travel
2: Planning a Travel
3: Getting Visas for Travel
4: Vaccinations for Travel
5: Find Cheap Flights
6: Backpacking Travel Insurance
7: Travel Preparation
8: Trip Purchases
9: Packing a Backpack
10: Before Leaving Home
The Journey Begins!
The new backpacker forums are full of both experienced travelers offering advice as well as fellow rat race escapees that are looking for some inspiration and brotherhood. The forums are the living heart of our site and there are new backpacking tips posted daily.
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