"Found Myself"- An online community serving the art and artists

There are many places at the net where you can buy or sell art, but you are asked to pay fee or commission to the site, but “Found Myself” is a community which serves art and artists by offering a free to join place for them. You can submit, sell or buy paintings, digital photos, illustration and sculpture work at the site.

Found Myself has a forum (4986 members) dedicated to people with something to say or something to show, and provides a forum for their artwork or hobbies.

Here you can buy art and sell your work commission free. Post your feelings on painting, photography, design, movies, sports, music, or whatever else in the art community message board/art forum. Upload your work to the image gallery, where artists' creations are showcased. You can even get and style your own personal online art gallery.

Foundmyself currently gets more than 50,000 visitors per month, with 200,000+ page views. They provide an audience and the tools necessary for selling your art, but the sale is between the seller and the buyer.

They show no ads, and continually work to improve the community. The entire system is based on trust.

What they need in exchange for their services?

If after using our services for a few months you find that they're beneficial to your life and/or career as an artist, we would expect you to donate some money to help keep the site going. If you sell a painting through the site, or find a client through the site, we would also expect a donation relative to the money you make. They expect an active participation and a minimum 20% donation for the site, otherwise there are no commissions or hidden charges around.

Every person with a free account can sell their art, view statistics, style their gallery, and use all the tools and goodies on Foundmyself. Individual gallery size has been increased to one gigabyte (1,000 megabytes) per person. That's thousands of large images.

Check the help section for more information.

They have another exciting tool 'Online painting program' where you can draw anything and then share it with others. It is interesting to see other member's drawings at the same place.
Link page: “draw”

Note: The pictures shown in this post are taken from the forum gallery.

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