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I love to surf the internet not only to find information but I like to read or browse the fun stuff. There are many amazing, interesting, weird, Odd and Funny things about our World which we have to discover and internet have provided us a platform where with the touch of our finger we can get in touch with that stuff. “Village of job” is one of those entertaining sites which is a good pastime to surf.

Village of joy is an online entertainment magazine about our worlds most interesting, weird and wonderful things.

Because we like internet and we love blogging! We like weird and crazy things and we love sharing them.'

10 Most Popular posts at the blog are:

* 50 Strange Buildings of the World
* 25 Motivational Posters.
* 20 Strange Sculptures (Part I)
* 20 Unusual Churches (Part I)
* 50 Weird and Crazy Cars
* Funny Vanity License Plates
* Amazing Graffiti Art by Banksy
* Amazing Architecture of Dubai
* 10 Most Poisonous Animals in the World
* 20 Amazing Origami Art works

These post titles show you the stuff you can expect to find at the site.

Few pictures from the site:
Vegetable art!

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