Few sites with interesting and amazing stuff

Do you love to read amazing, weird and interesting news, articles or facts? Well, I love to read or collect the interesting news, articles or pictures as I share this knowledge with the persons around me. This post is about few online links which would be interesting to check as you can spend some time with a good mood to surf the sites. There are many and more sites or blogs with some interesting and amazing stuff but I have selected only the sites with an entertaining point of view.

* E Amazings is an online magazine for amazing news and articles.

* Village of joy an online entertainment magazine about our worlds most interesting, weird and wonderful things.

* Great Facts is another site with simple layout with amazing facts like:

In 2002, the most popular boat name in the U.S. was Liberty

One out of 20 people have an extra rib

44% of kids watch television before they go to sleep

Men in their early twenties shave an average of four times a week

Colour is not an indicator for the taste or ripeness in cranberries

Each year there are approximately 20 billion coconuts produced worldwide

* amazing resources is an online resource for amazing information. You can search for amazing facts, ideas, galleries, and a lot of more topics on the site. Just to check I clicked the link 'amazing fun' and found a page with the links to the other sites and I could see few sites which were really awesome.

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