Feng shui tips- To make your home the best it can be

For thousands of years the Chinese have applied the principals of Feng Shui to create auspicious energy flow within their surroundings. Feng shui shows us how our spaces can be designed and re-arranged in order to provide us the right balance and harmony.

This ancient Chinese art helps you live in harmony with your surroundings. Placing particular elements and colors to achieve positive and negative (yin and yang) flow in certain areas of your home or office to achieve the balance of energy (also called the flow of chi) in any given space.

In house Feng Shui, good chi has good health, powerful and balanced. Poor Chi is vulnerable, sickly and imbalanced. By changing or modifying furniture placement at our houses, we can easily improve Chi. Therefore we can balance and enhance our life circumstances minimizing stress and hassle.

Feng Shui can facilitate the balance of issues such as: health and family, wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, children and creativity, helpful people, travel, career, knowledge and self-cultivation.                                                                                
Feng shui tips- “To make your home the best it can be “

  •  Creating a warm and inviting front entrance. Not only will this help you feel happy to be home, but it will also help your guests to relax when they come to visit.
  •  To help energy flow more freely through your entranceway, keep all shoes and slippers away from the main door.
  •  To add the illusion of more space to your living quarters, hang a mirror on the wall. This will also help to invite endless opportunities into your home.
  •  Keep things fresh in your home and help the energy to flow by changing the position of your furniture periodically.
  •  It is not just rooms that have an element associated with them, but also objects. If you want to avoid disagreements within your family, then consider moving your stove so that it is not across from the refrigerator, a washing machine, a sink or a toilet.
  • Colors in Feng Shui should be soothing rather than restless. Painting the walls in softer blues or greens both balances out your chi and improves your focus. Artwork and photos  should ideally have gold or silver frames rather than black ones. The direction your wall hangings face should often be facing north or west according to your chi number.
  • The right Feng Shui arrangement at work can improve both your productivity and positive energy. One good habit is to clear away extra clutter on a regular basis. A clean work space eliminates distractions and can help to reduce stress levels.
  • Plants have an important role in a successful Feng Shui arrangement at home or at the office. They help to balance out energy disruptions that can result from electronic devices. Although a recommended Feng Shui practice is to work away from computer monitors, this is not always possible in many office environments. An additional item to include in a successful Feng Shui arrangement is water. This element represents flows of both wealth and spiritual harmony. A water element of Feng Shui can be a photo or painting of a waterfall, a small stone fountain, or even a bowl of clear water placed in a patch of sunlight.
  • Another simple step for Feng Shui is to place your primary work desk or table so you are facing an open door or window. This practice allows ideas to come to you easily. Natural sunlight from a window also has a rejuvenating effect on the mind.
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