Feng shui tips for home decoration

The main goal of feng shui is to organize your home in such a manner to enhance your feelings of comfort and safety. Feng shui home decorating maximizes the positive influences while minimizing the negative ones.

Feng shui tips for home decoration:

Recently, people around the world have begun to see the benefits of using feng shui techniques in their homes. To design for optimum results, you need to learn the basic feng shui areas, and what each symbolizes, and decorate accordingly in your home, office, room or garden.

  • Fresh flowers at home can also add vitality and energy, and plants are different, they are a particularly active form brought to the room with colorful colors. If careful cultivation and care, flowers have a strong effect of feng shui, the color and shape will be affected, therefore, life at home must be diligent in the water every day and cutting plants to a lasting effectiveness. At the same time, we must note that the layout at home feng shui, the best do not use dried flowers, die forgotten because of its symbolic and decline. 
  • It is good luck to place an aquarium or a fountain inside your home. Good Chi is attracted to water. A good place to place your aquarium is facing your front door inside the house to invite good Chi to come in. Other good places to put an aquarium or fountain: On the south-east element of your home for wealth, south-west for marriage, east for health, west for friends, north for career and north-east for education.
  • Plants which has thorns or spikes like the cactus is inauspicious, leave it outside your home. Instead of the cactus, use round leafed plants, wind chimes and crystals. All these are auspicious and will bring good chi inside your home.

Door Placement                                                 
Your front door and back door will not line up with each other. If they do, according to the principles of Feng Shui, the chi (energy) will slip right through the house, without bringing benefits to the residents. If the doors do line up, you can help ease the problem by placing a large plant or other obstacle beside one of the doors, with an angled throw rug to encourage a path in a sideways direction.

Use red color carefully: The rules of feng shui say to be careful with your use of the color red, which represents the element of fire. Do not use a red living room set. A red sofa and chair could bring undue work pressures and obstacles into your life. Likewise, don't use red in the wealth area.

Dining Room:
Round dining room tables are best because circles symbolize heavenly blessings. Dining room chairs should be of an even number and comfortable to sit in. Dining room décor should be simple, so it doesn't distract from the food.
Watch Out for Exposed Beams: Other elements to watch for are exposed beams, which can create oppressive downward energetic flows that can cause problems regarding your health, well-being, and other areas of your life. Watch out especially for beams over the bed, stove, desk, dining table or front door. To cure the problem, you can hang two Feng Shui flutes at 45-degree angles on the beam, one at each end. Or, paint the beams to match the ceiling or hide them with a false ceiling or in some other way.

Bedrooms and other rest facilities should be housed in the upper part of a house according to Feng Shui. 

Don't have your bed situated so you are directly facing the door to your bedroom. Also, be careful where you place mirrors in your bedroom. A mirror opposite your bed or at the side of the bed could attract a third party into the relationship.
Stacking unused or finished bottles of shampoos and creams invites Sha energy. Keep bathroom clean, use candles, bamboo luck pots, and aroma oils to keep the ambience inviting. Keep the toilet seat closed, bins shut and drains covered when not in use.

Living room: 
The living room furniture should not have sharp bends or corners. Its desirable not have too many knick knacks of tiny decorating items, as eventually they will form clutter and stop Chi from moving freely; also keeping paintings that denote loneliness, violence fear or solitude.
Don’t have too many metal appliances, remotes, wires all in visible area; keep them in a cabinet hidden from view. A warm fireplace, a warm earthly shade rug on the floor, beautiful votive candles, few good books, and a water arrangement be in fountain, aquarium or float is very harmonious to any guest.

Kitchen: It is believed in ancient Chinese beliefs that if you can cook and feed well that means you are wealthy and successful. In kitchen the burners should be so placed that the kitchen door is visible when you are cooking. If that is not possible place a mirror at the back of the burner that reflects the door.

Keep the kitchen clutter free and ingredients nicely stacked and shut. Do not keep any sharp elements like knife or scissors in public view. Its unwanted to have too many left over’s, unused items or cans and bottles on kitchen tops.
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Dining Room: The dining room can be nicely decorated with a painting of food or people eating like the last supper! Table tops are preferably made of wood; if at all it’s made of metal or glass them make sure to put a nice warn table top cover. Chairs should be comfortable with enough leg space, and too many things should not be kept on the table top that deviate attention away from food.

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