Feng shui and house cleaning

House cleaning starts with removal of dust, trash and clutter.

Do you know that physical clutter leads to visual clutter and that causes a person a great deal of stress?
Using Feng Shui to organize or clean our homes also sweeps and scrubs the confusion from our minds. Offices and houses filled with clutter, dirty carpet, finger printed mirrors, dirty dishes and gummy appliances amplify distraction, depression and hopelessness.

Feng shui can help you in maximizing the flow of positive energy through your house and at the same time you can manage to keep your house clean and clutter free.
You are not only cleaning the house, but clearing your space for maximum creative energy focus.

Feng shui for a organized and clean house:
1- Physically clean the house. Begin a thorough house cleaning – vacuuming, sweeping, washing the floors, cleaning the windows etc. You should keep your house clean by taking all the clutter out for positive energy flow into your house. If you have trashy lying around or clothes that need to go to get rid of, do it now. When chi energy in our home or workplace doesn't flow properly, and becomes stagnant, it can cause problems such as feelings of depression, lots of arguments, ill health, financial loss, unseen tension between people and family, feelings of frustration and lack of motivation.

2- Remove clutter: If there is clutter around, such as things that are broken, are no longer of any use to anyone, or there are old newspapers and magazines lying around, this would be a great time to find a new home for them or take them to the recyclers.
3- Space clearing: Look at the way that people move through your home. Can they move in straight lines or do they need to take detours around poorly placed furniture? This is something that can make a huge difference in the way that you clean your home, and at the end of the day, you will find that simply  rearranging your furniture so that you can access the room more comfortably can make a big difference.

4- You can also set up a special area to attract harmonious energy. On a table top or some suitable place, collect together items that represent peace, goodwill and harmony to you. For example, you can lay down a beautiful cloth as the foundation. You might place photographs of your family where everyone is happy. Or if none exist, find a picture in a magazine of a family that looks like they are enjoying each other's company and use that to represent how you would like your family to be. You can also use crystals, plants and flowers, incense, candles, etc. – anything that reminds you of peace, harmony and loving family connections. Once you set all this up, remember to keep it fresh and clean so that it will continue to attract harmonious energy.

One fairly common Feng Shui trick that you can use involves using wind chimes to bring positive energy into your home.

Plants are a great way to freshen up the air and you can bet that they will help open up the look of your home.

Decluttering your kitchen:

To improve your health, get rid of all the items that are cluttering and blocking the energy flow in your kitchen, your cupboards and the freezer. The state of your kitchen is the state of your health, so thoroughly clean the kitchen. De-clutter the refrigerator; clean the stove and all the pots and pans. Clean out all the drawers, surfaces, light fixtures, etc – create a fresh pathway for strong vibrant Chi to flow and nourish your energy

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