Do it yourself tasks for your outdoors during winter season

During the cold winter months it can be difficult to keep any outdoor space in perfect condition, but there are plenty of tasks you can carry out to ensure your garden or outdoor area is looking great for spring. The following tips will ensure you stay safe when working outside winter, whilst keeping your DIY tasks in order.

Winter DIY tasks could include :

Keeping the lawn in check: Although plant growth slows considerably in the winter months, there are still tasks that should be completed to ensure your lawn stays well aerated and good root growth is maintained.

A manual lawn aerator tool will help promote healthy root growth during the colder months, when excessive water may cause problems with your lawn. This may be especially important for clay-heavy lawns or areas with poor drainage. For larger outdoor gardens, try a powered lawn aerator which is an efficient tool for larger areas of grass.

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Checking your guttering: Set up a Ladder, being sure to follow the correct safety guidelines and clear out any excess muck and leaf litter from your gutters. If the ground surface is slippery, ensure you use a ladder safety foot to ensure a safer working environment.

Also ensure the guttering is securely fixed into the building, so take a power drill with you just in case.

Keep your hedgerows and plant life trimmed. Clear out any unwanted waste and mulch it with a portable chipper. This mulch will also acts as a great base for compost and plant bedding.

2.6kVA portable generator Ensure you have a safe source of power

You can ensure that working outside during the darker months can be improved by using a portable power source. By using a petrol generator, you can reduce the risk of accidents caused by trailing cables, whilst keeping productivity levels high.

For smaller power requirements, the 2.6kVA Portable Petrol generator is ideal for the task.

Telescopic floodlights: Maintain correct visibility at all times

Working outside in the winter can be a dangerous task without adequate lighting, so be sure to set up a lighting rig to keep you working. For small home DIY tasks, telescopic floodlights are a flexible lighting solution. For larger working areas, an 'all in one' lighting tower may be more suitable for maximum visibility.

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