Discover yourself 'Which hobby best suits your personality?'

Sometimes we feel very enthusiastic about variety of hobbies and pastime but later we realize that there are few of those hobbies which actually suit your personality and you are really passionate about.

Is there any measure which can suggest us to discover our passions towards hobbies or pastime? or which pastime may fit our interest?

'CNN leisure' has offered an online quiz which can help you find the best hobbies or pastimes to fit your personality.

I have taken the quiz and the result was:


'You have a gift for expression. Whether it's writing, drawing, creating objets d'art or making music, you see the world in a unique way and are able to convey that to other people. No doubt you doodle on napkins and meeting notes, are always humming a new tune, have already read the latest fiction releases, and know all the local art galleries' schedules by heart. You might like hobbies like sketching, photography, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, journaling, scrap-booking or designing clothing.'

“Take the quiz”

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