Discover weird facts and articles at 'Dark Roasted Blend'

What comes in your mind with 'dark roasted blend'? —Yes! the first thing which could come in your mind is 'coffee'. So when you visualize the scene of having a nice coffee cup while browsing the net, it is a wonderful feeling. Isn't it?

I love to have tea or coffee while chatting with friends, writing posts for my blogs or reading other blogs. I love to browse the sites with strange, funny, odd and weird facts, pictures etc and 'Dark Roasted Blend' is one of those sites which make my tea/coffee time more joyful.

'Dark Roasted Blend' is the place with weird and wonderful things which you can enjoy while having your coffee cup.

It is among the top 500 sites on Technorati, has more than 25,000 subscribers and gets approx. 50,000 daily unique visitors.

The “Dark Roasted Blend” is also a part of “Thrilling Wonder” family of sites, dedicated to the on-going quest for wisdom and beauty, for all things cool and wonderful in our world.

DRB was also featured on USA Today, TIME Magazine, National Geographic Channel (in Top 10 Travel Blogs), Wired, Smashing Magazine, etc.

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