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There are times when I am tired of writing or reading blogs, and do some browsing for fun or interesting stuff. Sometimes I search at 'StumbleUpon' as it is a nice place to discover cool stuff.

'Pico cool' is the place to discover cool stuff about art, design, culture, travel, architecture and technology. You may find interesting articles, news and posts at the site. Like the facing picture is about 'Origami tea' where you can notice the tea bags are in origami format. Isn't it unique?

So be prepared to get fun stuff at 'Pico cool'!

What they say:
'Our community finds and shares tiny bytes and unique content from the world of peer media, social networks and subcultures. We discover upcoming designs, cool products, micro-trends, subcultures, artists, human experiences, innovations, philosophies, technologies, and more.

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