Discoer new stuff to do at 'Did dit'

Did dit is a social community place to discover new stuff to do.
Keep track of what you wanna do, share stories about your life experiences (your “diddits”), and meet people like you.

Whatever your interests or hobbies are, if it is meant for fun and entertainment, this is the place for it. You can start browsing from the top menu bar and select the topic of your interest.

It is the list site itself provides:

10 Things to Do on Diddit…

* Check off things you've done – “diddits.”
* Star stuff you wanna do – “wanna dos.”
* Tell stories about your life experiences.
* Create lists of things you've done, things you wanna do, or both.
* Browse and search our database of over 200k things to do.
* Add suggestions to lists.
* Meet people like you.
* Share your favorite lists on Facebook.
* Build your profile of life experiences.
* Have fun. Get inspired. Discover your world.
Join Did dit or just browse the site to have fun.

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