Creation of Crafts with pencil lead

Pencil is very commonly used and easily available object. Pencils come in attractive formats, color and shapes. The main part of pencil is lead which is made of carbon graphite. There are some artists who can create crafts with the help of wooden pencil, but it is strange to hear that the lead can be used to create amazing objects like 'alphabets, shoes, buildings and etc.

Dalton Ghetti is an artist who works with one of the toughest mediums around. His craft involves sculpting pencil lead into impossible to imagine images. Everything from a giraffe to a hammer can be made out of lead.

There have been artists who use pencils as part of their craft, but none use the smallest and most fragile part: the pencil lead. Dalton Ghetti has found a remarkable niche in the art world.

Most of the pictures shown in this post are created by Dalton Ghetti

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Another artists from Bosnia, Jasenko has created the following art
The chain in this picture is carved from pencil lead-
another artists work

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