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One of the more popular hobbies among women is creating scrapbooks to show of the photos of their children, families, vacations and more. However, the cost and time that is involved in scrapbooks has started to turn many traditional scrapbookers to digital scrapbookers.

'Heritage Makers' – helps you to create photo storybooks. Now you don't need to store your photos on your computer, but rather you can make stories with your pictures while creating a 'scrapbook.'

Using an online studio tool, scrapbook enthusiasts have access to over 40,000 pieces of artwork, paper stock, embellishments and templates – meaning they don’t have to give up the creativity that they’re used to with traditional books.

It’s all online! No special “scrapbook rooms” needed, no scrapbook storage to buy. Plus, it’s easy to use the online art, because the “drag and drop” functionality means that they can also create pages in a snap, often in much less time than a regular scrapbook.

In addition to “decorating” the pages, there are text boxes to add to the pages, allowing for the telling of the stories BEHIND the photos as well.

Once the pages of the photo storybook have been created online, scrapbookers can then send it to print – resulting in a high-quality, hard-bound, bookshelf-appropriate album. There’s even the ability to put text on the spine of your “album” so you can quickly see which photos are in which books!

There are so many great uses for photo storybooks aside from using them as traditional scrapbooks as well. Brides-to-be can create wedding albums, sign-in books with pictures of the couple, bridal shower books, wedding party gift books, photo thank you cards, etc. Families can honor their traditions by creating cookbooks of Grandma’s recipes, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day books, special books for recent grads to remember their high school or college years, memory books of family members that have passed on, and more. And world travelers – like me – can document their trip in photos and text stories that bring the vacations to life!

For an example of one of my vacation photo storybooks, here is a link to the one I created for my Boston trip, so you can see one in action online!

Link: 'Heritage maker'

Creating a photo storybook is something like booking a vacation online. You can do it on your own, but if you need more professional help you can contact a publishing consultant to help!

Guest author: Carmen Shirkey

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