Create scrap blog and share with all

Scrap booking is a favorite hobby and digital scrap booking is an easier form of it. Digital scrap booking is also very time saving activity as you need to do it at your computer and need only few soft wares to help you create pretty and creative projects.

Now you can make your own scrap blog. How it is possible?

Yes it is possible and you can create your own blog, sharing it online with all.

'Scrap Blog' is the place where you don't need to do anything with your pictures as they provide all the tools or utilities to make your 'blog' attractive and awesome.

– The site provides step by step instruction which can help you learn to create your online scrap blog.
– 'Get Crafty' is another page which showcases designers, new features and crafty ideas for preserving your digital memories.

– Their 'blog' can be bookmarked for updated posts.

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