Collections of paper money or currency notes as a hobby

Many people collect currency notes of different countries. Hobbies are the perfect way of creating an innovative and fascinating collection of something inspirational and sharing passions with others. Collecting is an interesting hobby where the main potential lies in obtaining, organizing, creating an extraordinary collection and sharing your passion based on that interest.

The paper money collecting hobby has been very well established for decades and there are many thousands of collectors worldwide. Paper money collectors are not as common as coin collectors, but they are still very active and have extensively developed the hobby.

Currency comes from the word current – that which is in circulation at the moment. Note is a piece of paper with something written on it. By currency notes we generally refer to paper money.

The story of money began with the age of barter. One person had grains while another had baskets. The two would have to trade with each other to meet daily needs. The problem became complicated when the man trading his goat wanted to buy some grains. Grains and baskets could be divided but the goat would have to be killed. One goat could not be the price of a few baskets. So a common medium of exchange had to be thought of. Thus coins came into circulation. These coins were made of precious metals like gold, silver or copper. But constant wear and tear combined with a dearth of raw material made Man start thinking again. Out of this thinking was born the idea of currency notes.

Benefits of  Collecting paper money:

The banknotes of a country tell unique story of its art, people, history and geography. Handling and keeping money from different places is a fascinating hobby which is very informative as well.

For some people their paper money collection is an extension of another interest, it could be boats, birds, animals. They may have been collecting old postcards of birds and then started collecting stamps that has images of different birds on them, this ultimately may have lead to collecting world banknotes that have images of bird.

Another fascinating aspect of collecting paper money is the collection of old checks and bond certificates. These are valued for historical as well as artistic referencing. The detail and color of these pieces make them beautiful works of arts on their own.

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